Fiat in 2016

The Fiat brand embodies the idea of self-expression, and that's what their vehicles are modeled after. With unique styling, cultural heritage and passion to meet the needs of self-expressive and fun customers. The Fiat 500 or the Cinquecento is the iconic car that started it all, with rich Italian heritage and modern, simple design that creates a pride of ownership.�

2016 Fiat 500e

The 2016 model-year brings a lot for the Fiat brand including new updates and a new model, the Fiat 500X. For the 500e, 2016 means new technology and customization.

Alfa Romeo 4C Is Already Making Waves

The Alfa Romeo 4C is coming to Arrigo of Palm Beach! The vehicle is already impressing journalists and test drivers alike, and has taken various prizes. Keep reading to find out more!

A New Retro Inspired Trim For The 500

Available in the Spring of 2015, the excellent new model from FIAT boasts a push-button, power operated cloth top. This seamlessly retracts to lay near the rear spoiler, and can retract at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

Drive Like A Pro With The Abarth Track Experience

Have you always wanted to drive like a pro? Take corners like you are on a track? Then consider participating in the Abarth Track Experience, brought to you by FIAT!

Interact With The New Fiat 500x

The 500X is a truly unique offering from the FIAT brand, featuring an all-new crossover body and all-wheel drive capability, without sacrificing everything that customers most love about the 500, including it's great driving dynamics and unmistakable style. There are plenty of new feature offered for the 500X, in addition to five optional trims.

Fiat's Great Contribution to the Electric Car Market

Fiat announced the release of their 500e electric car. The 500e has been in high demand since its release in California in 2013. The 500e has been named the "Top Electric Vehicle" for two years in a row, by the Northwest Automotive Press Association's Drive Revolution, which celebrates alternative-fuel vehicles in Portland.

The New 2015 Fiat 500L

The new �2015 Fiat 500L offers even more space to the interior of the previous models, and adds a great, super efficient yet powerful and fun-to-drive MultiAir Turbo engine, as well as three new standard and automatic transmission offerings.

Introducing The FIAT 500X

The 500X maintains the proportions and cute packaging of the smaller sibling. FIAT fans have known since at least earlier this year that the Italian brand would build a small SUV. Well, the wait is over.

Car Safety Tips For Your Pet

More than a third of pet owners enjoy bringing their pets along while traveling. We admit, there are few cuter things than a dog hanging their head happily outside of a passenger window. But did you know there are several safety measures you need to take into consideration before having your furry friend tag along?� It is true, they too require automobile safety when traveling or joining you for an afternoon drive.� Take a look at our five pet safety tips you need to consider before bringing your pet along:


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